Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Blended Families 0.1

I haven't blogged or written for that matter in quite a long time.  In fact, it might be months since I last wrote anything.  I felt challenged by the Lord about a month or two ago to start writing, even if it is for 15 minutes during my lunch break - write.  The last few days there have been numerous situations that have caused me to ponder about writing what it means and what happens when a blended family is birthed.  You see, that is the place that I am at right now and an area where I feel led to write about. 

There are 46 days, 2 hours, 16 minutes, and 51 seconds left until I marry the love of my life, heart, and soul.  We met one year ago and I knew instantly he was created to be at my side and I was created to be at his.  We were made to love each other, encourage each other, and rub each other until we are turned into precious pearls.  He has two sons, ages 13 and 11.  I have one son, age 16, and two daughters ages 18 and 12.  My oldest has been on her own for quite awhile.  And my son travels extensively throughout the year so it has generally only been my youngest and myself, it was like raising an only child.  I've been single for nearly 10 years raising my kids totally on my own, with the help of friends and family.  My future spouse has been single for 4 years but raising his boys with their mom on a 50/50 basis.  Our journey's have been different and our children raised different.  The process for joining our two families is not as easy as if it were just the two of us having chosen to love each other and start a life together.  The process of becoming one family has been hard.

We are working together and trying to talk everything out but one of us has a set of values, guidelines, disciplines, responsibilities, and consequences while the other is nearly opposite.  I never thought this could  be so hard....but it is proving to be the most difficult hurdle. 

Friday, January 6, 2012

The New Year 2012

Ok, this 'blog' thing is sort of foreign to me.  I had started this blog years ago, shortly after I was divorced and living as a single mom of 3.  I haven't done that great at continuing writing however.  I don't want to promise that I will keep up with this but I know for tonight, I can add a new post :)

Then it will depend on whether or not I can figure out how to get this linked onto my facebook page!  LOL....I am so not tech savvy!

2011 was a good year.  It was filled with a lot of change.  I was married on 1-1-11.  The year was very busy and there was ups and downs.  2012 has now begun and I had so hoped it would be even better than last year....it has been pretty tough so far.  Of course mixed with a lot of blessings, as things are usually. 

I began the year being laid off and spending more time than I would prefer looking for full time work.  I've had to address things that I don't enjoy.  But as He always does...I know the Lord will provide.  In my life, He likes to wait until the very last minute.  It teaches me patience :)  Never pray for patience, because once you do, you get a ton of opportunities to learn it :)  In other words, your patience is tested!  I've had that happen so often that I'm not that surprised that I've got a little 'waiting' time right now. 

So, the year has kicked off...jobless and dealing with pre-teen angst in my oldest.  I'm excited to see what the Lord will bring though.  I know He has a plan and I hope that it is revealed soon!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

How a Mom keeps up...

Well, it has been awhile since I've had the time to sit and write anything....rather, that I've 'chosen' to sit and write.  You see, I really do not like being alone, and so....I went through a season where I was dating quite a lot and that filled my time. 

Since I mentioned 'dating'...that is an interesting topic to speak about as a single mom.  I'd be so curious to hear other's stories.  There seem to be some varying ideas and yet no 'right' or 'wrong' way...other than what is right for the individual woman...or man.  So, for me, it was important for my kids to meet whomever I wanted to possibly see more than twice.  I didn't want to waste the time to get to know a man, date him, and maybe want to take it further....without ever seeing if my kids even liked him.  If my kids were not interested in the man, or if the man seemed uninterested in my children...I didn't want to waste the time.  However, I've heard that other woman would never introduce their kids to another man until they knew they were going to get married.  I guess to each it's own.

It's been a busy few months though...as the man I chose to 'father' my kids....left town, moved out of the country, stopped supporting his kids financially, stopped calling them except for when 'he' wants to speak to them, and has sold all of his things in the doing of all this.  I've been taken care of though through all of this.  I have never been left without means to pay bills, even if it is the last minute. 

I have this 'thing' inside me though....this gnawing.  I'm not sure exactly what it is, but it is something that just won't go away....I'm searching for the answer to this.  In the meantime....hope all are well....

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Law or "THE" One who is The Law

The Law.....it's meant to 'protect', to 'serve', to 'enforce'...but it seems that is all based on the final perception of whoever is sitting in the seat of judgement on the date, time, and moment one ends up in the presence of the law.

Then there is The One who IS the law....He DOES 'protect', He DOES 'serve', He DOES 'enforce...but He also IS judgement, IS the presence, and IS the judge.

My mind and heart seem like they are mush.  I'm exhausted from stress, from the thoughts that swirl in my mind day in and day out.  From 5:30am this morning I've been on the go.  Shower, dress, making beds, serving breakfast, getting to work, moving offices at work, faced with decisions based on the interpretation of the law, hair appt, storytime, prayer time, quick phone calls and now I am here.

I have decisions before me that would not be needed if wisdom was in charge instead of chaos and confusion.  Wisdom and Compassion are a tough combination.  Wisdom says to be cautious, to see the warnings that are ahead and do all that one can to prevent anything worse.  Wisdom says to not speak when everything in me wants to scream.  Wisdom says to quiet my emotions so that I don't 'react' when I am only to 'act'.  Wisdom is my companion.  'She' is like a whisper at times.  She is like a thunder at others.  Today she is a whisper.  She is teaching me to trust her.  She is teaching me to rely on her.  I'm not sure how to do that, for I've been deceived.  Pride can very often present itself as wisdom.  There are a lot of characters that can dress like wisdom.  But I want the 'real thing'.

Mix that with Compassion and you have a beautiful combination.  There is a fine line though between the two.  Sometimes wisdom and compassion might be hurtful.  It might actually be compassion to use wisdom.  I know that might not make sense. 

I guess something to think about...I'm wiped out.  I have a long day again tomorrow.  More activities after school....and unpacking in a new office! 

Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday again...

Well, it is Friday again....the weekend is beginning, or a week is ending...however you choose to see it is up to you I suppose.  I'm sitting here, in the silence, hearing trains go by, seeing the beauty of the sun setting.  It's been a full week to say the least.

Since my last post a lot has happened...that's a good place to start!  My kids have dealt with the reality of what their 'father' is, what he has chosen and how it has affected them.  Yet, they still long for a 'dad', so they forgive way faster than I ever would.  That is hard for me. 

A child can forgive and move past things when adults cannot.  I know I can 'forgive' my ex for different things he has done, but to move past them, to spend time with him, to trust him, never!  I don't know how kids do it.  Of course, over time, as they are hurt by 'trusting' those things, they too will probably stop trusting over and over again.

So, it's the weekend.  I don't have too many plans.  I didn't expect my kids to go with their dad tonight.  It was technically his weekend, but with all that has happened this week, and what is staged to happen next week, I was shocked they went with him.  He came like normal and the little kids ran out to greet him.

My oldest is a little wiser, or jaded...not sure which.  She has been hurt one too many times I think.  So she will not go with him anymore.  She has made up her mind...and that is to end her connection with her father basically.  Maybe because she was around longer, she saw the issues from a young child on.  Either way, she is home now.  Which is fine, maybe her and I will just crash with a movie. 

It's just that I have a night...I want to go out!  I want to go to the city!  Or to a dinner with someone.  I don't prefer the 'quiet' times.  Too much space to think.  But, tonight just might end up one of those 'quiet' times.  At least we can relax a bit.  I'm not much in a mood to 'do' much around here, I'm emotionally and mentally drained after the week I had...so...movie it might be!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Unknown....

What a few days....just as I wrote about emotions and how they can forsake you, I was hit with a small ocean of them.  Last night was a tough one.  I believe it was the first time that I lost it as I saw the 'hugeness' of this single mom role that I am now very engrained in.  I felt alone.  I felt abandoned.  I felt tired.  I felt frustrated.  I felt angry.  I felt sad.  I felt overwhelmed.  I felt defeated.  I felt braindead.  I felt exhausted. 

Bottom line...I felt.....

I'm not sure what will come of this.  I'm not sure if what caused the flood of emotion was because my heart was stirred and therefore a tiny piece of the covering that I seal so tightly to protect it as I push through each day, broke open in one spot allowing for these amazing emotions to come seeping out?  I know that today, right in the middle of a project at work, I was stirred again, and my heart ached, and my eyes were filled.  I've gotten good at replacing the seal on this covering over my heart.  I had exposed my heart for so long and to so many that eventually I learned it to be safer to cover it.  The wounds were too deep, too sore, too raw....and frankly, with the tasks I encounter daily, I have no time to deal with such emotion.

So, tonight, I have a moment of silence, before 11p!  My kids are making new memories with friends.  I have a large task ahead of me that still needs to be opened but it is early evening and I have a moment.  When I have a 'moment', I think.  I'm not sure that is a good thing or bad.  When I have time to think, I think 'back' and 'forward'.  Thinking back is sad and there are many pieces of this puzzle that do not seem to fit anymore, but they are still there, in the 'back'.  When I think to the 'forward', I am also filled with this overwhelming chaos of pieces that I can see, but are not 'carved' out yet.  What I mean by that, is that they have no shape.  They are merely 'blobs', I'm not sure how they will fit into this puzzle or what effect they may have on it. 

Tomorrow is a day that I have dreaded for a long time now.  It is a day that I never would have guessed would come.  it was a day that I heard others go through and I didn't understand.  It is a day that I wish I could sleep through.  I'm not sure how I will act, what I will say, how I walk into with the Father's heart and eyes, or if I will make it through at all.  It is ALL the unknown.  But...I know that tomorrow at this time, the day will be almost over...and hopefully I will have made it through and the Lord will be proud of me. 

My heart still yearns for real love.  My heart's cry every night as I lay my head down, is that I will meet the 'one' that I will someday lay my head upon.  Through all of this shit that I've endured...I still believe in real love.  I have to...if I don't, there is no hope.  Hope is enduring through the unknown, through the unseen.  Hope is what I cling to.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wreckless Emotions

I haven't entered anything in here for a few days.....mainly because I have not known what words can best describe where I am right now.  I have been one who relied heavily on how something 'felt'.  I guess I wasn't that great at thinking all matters through, although I always seemed to follow my moral standards, I still would act based on emotion more often than just what I knew of something. 

Since being single, I've become very clear on what I want for my future.  What I want in terms of freedom, ability, vocation, memories....what I want as I look down the road ahead of me.  In doing that, I've been faced with the balance of what I 'feel' about something and what I 'know' about something.  I think that at some point during this venture, my emotions have sort of 'shut down' somehow.  I've had friends who have said they feel like they're emotionally shut down for a season and I never understood what they meant.  I even once heard 'do not trust your emotions for they will turn on you'.  Again, never really understood that.  Although as I moved and walked through my life, I did experience times where what I 'felt' about something, really betrayed me when the 'reality' of the situation came to play out in fullness. 

My emotions can become wreckless.

Tonight I had just a glimpse of that again.  I'm up against a brick wall right now.  I've been unsure exactly how to grasp my footing to climb over it, but I know that in the end, I have to be on the other side of it.  I've been so consumed with the necessities of daily life raising 3 kids, working fulltime, organizing and normal routine that my emotions have seemed to totally go into 'numb' mode.  Where I feel nothing, no real joy, no real pain, no real sorrow, no real excitement.  They are all just in this 'middle', grey area.  I hate this area.  I love emotions.  I love to feel joy, excitement, happiness, even sorrow and pain are ok in moderation.  I am the type that believes that a 'good cry' can and does exist and is essential to move past certain times in our lives.

Well, tonight I was faced with balancing what I 'feel' with what I 'know', and it was not easy.  My emotions tried to become wreckless.  They wanted to spin out of control.  I am glad that I did 'feel' something though, so that at least I know I am not broken!  But, I'm now struck with this question.....how do I move ahead and balance what I 'know' with how I 'feel', and furthermore, can the two co-exist?  I've never been hit with this mindset before and I am unsure what will come of it. 

I hope that it will bring me strength.  I hope that it will bring me to a wiser place.  I hope that it will bring me peace.   I hope that I learn.